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Hello  to all,

          Registration for Summer 2019 ballhocket season is now open. 

 is offering 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 hockey both inside and outisde this                        summer.

          Here is the date for the rebate so take advantage.


  • Rebate of 100$ will be given to all teams who pay in full by  May 5.
  • Rebate of 200$ will be given to captaines who register 2 teams.

For any further information please call 450-963-0963. Thank you


April. 22, 2019

Black Knights finish in first place in Premier division.

     Congratulations to the Black Knights who edge out GK to claim #1 seed in the Premier division.  The Black Knights will face either GK or River Rats in the Premier finals.




The Nationals are back in Quebec in 2019.


Monday April 22 (Semi finals)

Armadillos fall apart to Communists after strong start

Despite having their backs against the wall, the Communists were revived thanks to a pair of power play goals in the second game. The Armadillos got stuck taking too many penalties, and in doing so, paid the ultimate price. Still, the series wasn't over as both teams had all but a twelve minute period to decide it. The inspired 3-1 victory carried into the final stretch for the Communists, who made sure to take advantage of a vulnerable opponent. J.Argyropoulos and C-A Mayrand scored less than a minute apart and M.Melo had another incredible outing allowing only a very late goal to beat him. The winning formula for the Communists in games 2 & 3 was simple, and that was to patiently wait for their chances while getting exceptional goaltending.

(4)Armadillos vs Communists (1) Game 1

(3)Communists vs Armadillos (1) Game 2

(1)Armadillos vs Communists (2) Game 3

Les Yables fail to weather the storm, Punishers dominate both games

Les Yables knew that it would have taken a few factors in order to defeat the Punishers with only two changes to their bench. A big part of their game plan was to try and keep it close as long as possible. For nearly an entire period, it appeared to be the case, but that was up until A.Kobayati scored late in the frame for a 3-1 lead. Kobayati, however wasn't done yet bagging his second right away in the ensuing frame. Clearly, that marker sent signals to both sides that the Punishers were heading into game two with the series on their side. The question at that point was to see how Les Yables would be able to respond. Unfortunately, they suffered a similar fate conceding four straight markers in the first period alone. The Punishers were simply relentless on this night getting a full out effort-from every single players. S.Athanasopoulos and M.Arkalis each buried their second in an empty net while for a second straight match, N.Mackeen stood tall allowing only one goal per game.

(5)Punishers vs Les Yables(1) Game 1

(1)Les Yables vs Punishers (7) Game 2

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Mathew Melo of the Communists. Determined to bounce back after dropping game one, the net minder did not disappoint and was a major reason why the Communists strung two consecutive wins in order to pass.

The Punishers and the Communists will meet in the final of the first division. It will be important for both sides to identify on who to watch. This series will come down to playing it smart by focusing on each other's strengths while avoiding meaningless penalties.

The second division will have their semi finals take place next Monday. The match ups are as follows:

(1)LG HC vs Chic Choc(4) With each team solid up front, goaltending may decide who advances. The Chic Choc won't have a choice but to get exceptional-goaltending from their pillar in net. The good news is that F.Peloquin can live up to the task as he has proven for the entire season.

(2)Dragons vs Yellow T-Shirts (3) Expect a stingy series with neither side giving much. The only way the score gets runned up is if the trailing team starts to take chances.


Sunday April 21(Semi finals)

(6)Icons vs Shockers (1) Game 1

Icons ride hot power play to thumping of Shockers

The Shockers kept drawing penalties and the Icons kept scoring. The Icons put themselves in the driver's seat with a power play performance that was incredibly powerful. Five out of their six goals all came with the man advantage. E.Girouard led the way on three consecutive markers in the second period alone. The Shockers appeared to be ready when T.Salberg notched the games first goal. But that lasted only so long as the Icons took over by the second on four unanswered tallies. Clearly, it wasn't the start the Shockers were looking for. The only positive is that they'll have an entire week to figure out how to avoid what just transpired.

(3)Slayers vs Lynx(4) Game 1

Lynx showing they mean business, Slayers stuck searching for answers

Its only one game but the Lynx are making a serious bid to knock the team with the best regular season record. R.Beaver had two goals, P.Stroubakis collected three assists and S.Catalano was brilliant making key saves between the pipes. The Lynx played their best hockey in the second period where the stunned the Slayers on three unanswered goals. Far-from convincing, the Slayers did make things interesting when M.Dettore pulled his team within one. That tally left over nine minutes for an equaliser, a goal that would never come due to how well the Lynx defended. The Slayers just realised that regular season is different -from playoffs. And even though the alarms are going off, sometimes adversity is good to have when stuck in these situations. One week will give them plenty of time on how to address all the necessary details in order to advance.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Eric Girouard of the Icons. In the second period alone, E.Girouard distanced the game after posting three consecutive goals for a hat trick.


Friday April 19(Semi finals)

(5)Brewers vs The Pillows(4) Game 2

Brewers hang on to close out series

With their backs against the wall in a pivotal game, the Pillows fell short against a more determined Brewers team. The Pillows had a week to thing about how to adjust and still couldn't find any answers to try and even the series. S.Bakas and S.Fabrici started the scoring festivities as both players combined for an impressive nine points. Despite trailing by three, the Pillows seized back some momentum on two late second period goals. The only problem was that they faced a stubborn net minder by the third period. G.Platanitis was simply that good denying many shots and some quality chances. The Brewers entered this series respecting a game plan that ultimately pulled them through to the final.

(1)Excalibur vs Devil Dawgz(7) Game 2

Offensive onslaught puts Devil Dawgz through to final

By the time the final buzzer sounded, the Devil Dawgz earned an easy win and a ticket to the final. It showed-from the drop of the ball that the Devil Dawgz would eventually pull though. A.Moniz, not known for his scoring had an incredible first period striking twice for a 2-0 lead. That was his first of three on the night which is usually rare for a defenseman. Regardless who did the scoring, the Devil Dawgz won this series by committee. M.Trivisonno was solid allowing only F.Bchara to get the better of him. J.Melo was also very productive accumulating five points as was H.Berberyan who closed off the scoring after setting up three markers.

With both series ending in a sweep ,the Devil Dawgz and the Brewers will meet in the final of the Masters 35+ second division. The Brewers will look to do the same against the Devil Dawgz like they did versus the Pillows, and that is to create shooting lanes while having someone go to the net. A simple game plan is often the right game plan and the Brewers will look to cause another surprise if the Devil Dawgz don't take them serious.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to George Bakas of the Brewers. Never once did the jitter bug forward stop running. His commitment to compete paid high dividends resulting in two goals and two assists.


Wednesday April 17 (E Semi finals)

(3)Fat Cats vs Bramabulls(6) Game 2

Bramabulls storm out of gate to even series

The Fat Cats knew what was coming and were powerless to stop it. The Bramabulls came out hard in the first period alone where M.Detorre participated in all four goals for a convincing 4-1 lead. That period was enough to send a clear message that the Bramabulls weren't backing down. The Fat Cats did slow down the storm with the help of J.Scalia's two goals but it wasn't nearly enough for any miraculous comeback. Both teams had to prepare for a 15 minute or more mini game that would determine who passes.

(2)Fat Cats vs Bramabulls(3) Game 3

Good habits continue in game 3, Bramabulls advance to E Final

Unable to address another ugly start, the Fat Cats missed out on defeating a heavy favourite. They knew that anything can happen in only fifteen minutes which suggests how important it is to score first. Instead, the Bramabulls got there first and built on it when T.Karasek doubled the lead. F.Gentile would respond quickly to pull within one. The next segment of the game perhaps determined the series. The Fat Cats were awarded a four minute power play, and rather than tying it up, M.Maggiore deflated all hope when netting a huge shorthanded goal. This series may have been far-from convincing for the Bramabulls, but they still found a way to overcome adversity by stringing together two big wins.

(1)UD Redz vs Left Wings(3) Game2

Left Wings provide stinging response to UD Redz

The Left Wings played to their strengths, and in doing so were able to extend the series with the UD Redz. Experience teams typically win in this fashion. They jump off to a good start and make life extremely difficult for any sort of response. The UD Redz realised how difficult it was to try and bounce back into the game. Their only goal came only when the contest was out of reach. D.Provost-Jarry, M-A Morin and T.Kyritsis each found the back of the net for the Left Wings while J.Abou-Sabha spoiled B.Verducci's shutout with just over a minute remaining.

(0)UD Redz vs Left Wings(1) Game 3

UD Redz stuck in a trap,Left Wings punch ticket to final

The Left Wings were again crisp on defence, and B.Verducci was sharp stopping all 11 shots to help advance the Left Wings to the final. The UD Redz understood the importance of striking first, especially the way the previous match ended. Unfortunately, they were stuck playing-from behind against a team that barely gave anything. Throughout both games, the Left Wings were stingier than scrooge on Christmas. Their lone goal came-from J.Adamou, which was just enough to make the difference in the match.

After finding themselves trailing in the series, the Bramabulls and Left Wings were able to overcome a tough hurdle. Both teams will now battle it out in the final. This series will be a pressure packed meeting where the losing team has to head into summer finishing well short of expectations. Expect your typical tight playoff hockey. The key for both sides comes down to disciple.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Ben Verducci of the Left Wings. Apart-from giving up an irrelevant goal, the net minder was flawless. B.Verducci collected two big wins that included a shutout in the Left Wings most important game of the season.

F Semi finals:

(6)Horsemen vs Mighty Drunks (5) S.O Game 2

Horsemen recover after late scare

It looked like the Mighty Drunks were down and out after the five minute mark of the third period. After all, they trailed 4-1 and had nothing going for them. But that was up until a late surge nearly shifted the series in the opposite direction. The Mighty Drunks did something remarkable, and that was stringing three goals as of the 10:30 mark of the final frame. M-A Desrosiers had scored right before Y.Dube struck twice to even the score. The only problem was that they had another step to overcome in order to even the series. This one area known as a shootout had favoured the Horseman only a week ago. Still, it is considered a coin toss and anything can happen. Unfortunately for the Might Drunks, the magic just wasn't there. The Horsemen keep showing that no matter how much in a bind they find themselves, they keep finding ways to win. Tonight was no exception with T.Karasek and his captain V.Pandza capitalising in the shootout.

(7)Fat Roy vs Carnage (1) Game 2

Fat Roy close out series with ease

For a period, this contest didn't have the indicators of where the match was headed. Then, the second period happened and signs pointed to one team. Fat Roy took over on three unanswered goals and Carnage knew they didn't have much a push back in their game. C.Zafiropoulos led the charge early on with two tallies followed with T.Fernando also finding the back of the net twice. After facing 20 shots, J.Sanoudakis stopped nearly all of them except for M.Pace's.

With Fat Roy and the Horsemen sweeping the semi final rounds, both sides have one more task ahead of them to see who will prevail in the F Wednesday final. Nothing will come easy for the two teams. The Horsemen are doing just enough to squeeze out games in any scenario. Till this point, Fat Roy are riding a six game winning streak and will look to add a couple more before its said and done.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Vinko Pandza of the Horsemen. The captain was able to finish off a close series by netting the game winning shootout marker versus the Mighty Drunks.


 Monday April 15

(1)River Rats vs Black Knights (8)

A.Aubut, J.Gagne complete hat tricks in Knights 8-2 rout of River Rats

Unless they got off to a solid start, the River Rats knew they were in for a long night. They did manage to strike first but that was about it. The Black Knights ended the first period strong on three quick goals only to never look back en route to an easy win. Things started to get a little chippy by the second period. The River Rats got into penalty trouble which allowed the Black Knights to benefit three consecutive times. A.Aubut had already impressed his teammates with his poise when first dressing with the Black Knights but that was nothing compared with what he did tonight. The young talent broke out scoring once in every frame that included the winner. In addition to his performance, J.Gagne continues to be a dominant force in the Premier division. The crafty forward had another masterful game, also posting a hat trick while setting up Aubut on two occasions.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Alex Aubut of the Black Knights. The young talent settled in and went about his game finding the back of the net three times for a hat trick.

Tuesday April 16

(2)AREZ vs GK(4)

AREZ effort vs GK something to build on despite loss

The AREZ may have dropped the game but might have proven something to themselves anyway .At the very least, they felt like they could hang with one of the best teams in ball hockey. This game was only decided by the very last play of the game when J.Bradley fed an empty cage. Up until that point, the GK carried a slight 3-2 lead. P.DiGiacomo snapped a 2-2 third period tie leaving ten minutes for AREZ to respond. Even though they couldn't get there, the AREZ felt good about their game. From-the opening draw, each shift was dialled up to be more intense than the other. Cleary, they extremely looked prepared despite losing.

(3)AREZ vs United Armenians (6)

United Armenians take advantage of tired AREZ

They just came off a brilliant effort and were stuck playing a second straight game without any room to breathe. Knowing this, the United Armenians played it smart and too their advantage. By simply working it a shift at a time, good things would eventually happen. After settling for a 1-1 first period tie, E.Mavroudis and A.Melkonian would each score and the United Armenians would enter the final stretch carrying a 3-2 lead. It showed by then that the AREZ were running out of steam. K.Kavan put the dagger posting two late goals including an empty net marker. Despite the loss, M-A Haber helped set up two markers while netting one himself in the third period.

(1)Punishers vs Capitals (2)

Capitals edge out Punishers in battle for first place

The Capitals and the Punishers found themselves in a duel of fates on Tuesday night to see who could break the tie and take first place of the division. The game was a tight one as expected, with scoring done in only the second period. During that frame, the Capitals scored twice with goals-from M-A Morin and E.Lemieux. Towards the end of the period, A.Cote finally got the Punishers on board to pull within one. But the Capitals weren't giving much on this night making the Punishers offense work for every inch. After peppering C.Fortin with 24 shots, the net minder wasn't budging allowing only Cote to beat him. This result puts a stamp on the regular season for the C bracket.

All four teams will be participating in a best of three semi final round. The match ups are as follows:

(1) Capitals vs AREZ(4) AREZ know that in order to have a chance they need to keep it close and tight while getting exceptional goaltending. The Capitals are simply more skilled as a team and will use their talent in their quest for bigger and better things to come.

(2)Punishers vs United Armenians (3) The United Armenians will need to find a way to take the lead. When playing up, the opposition tends to take risks and that's where the United Armenians will need to take advantage. But just like in the other series, the Punishers have a ton of fire power which will make them incredibly hard to stop.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Claude Fortin of the Capitals. Limiting the Punishers to only one goal isn't easy to do but Fortin was able to manage it after facing 24 shots.

Thursday April 18

(5)GK Lite vs Bengals HC(2)

S.Leclair riffles a pair to help lead GK Lite over Bengals HC

With the help of two goals by S.Leclair, the GK Lite were able to defeat the Bengals HC On Thursday night. The GK Lite took the second period by storm doing most of the damage with three markers. C.St-Hilaire scored just prior to the mid way point that held up for the winner. The Bengals HC did the right thing by striking first courtesy of C.Plaisir. The problem is that in order to defeat the GK Lite, more was needed. K.Kuczmarski eventually evened the score before setting up Leclaire both times.

(2)Band Aids vs Quebec Masters(5)

Quebec Masters use five different goal scorers to defeat Band Aids

It was an impressive offensive showing for the Quebec Masters as five different goal scorers helped defeat the Band Aids. And although he didn't find the back of the net, R.Rourke helped make three goals happen. Things started off good for the Band Aids when A.Guillemette scored early. Unable to build on it, the Band Aids saw the game slowly drift away .The next four tallies belonged to the Quebec Masters, who never looked back securing a 5-2 victory. J.Urquhart notched the winner and C.Fortin stopped 23 of 25 shots allowing only A.Guillemette to get the better of him.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to S.Leclair of the GK Lite. After setting up his clubs opening goal, S.Leclair wasn't done yet adding two markers as the only multi goal scorer of the contest.


Thursday April 11(Semi finals)

(5)Underdogs vs SBS Trashers(6) S.O Game 2

SBS Trashers punch ticket to final on J.Scalia shootout winner

Joe Scalia scored in the shootout after P.Manousos tied it late in third period, and the SBS Trashers closed out their series with the Underdogs. If not for giving up two shorthanded goals, the Underdogs may have extended the series a little longer. Instead, they'll only be looking back at how they could have prevented a pair of blunders. F.Gentile and J.Guerriero each scored with the man short. As for the Underdogs, A.Sayed was once again relied on as the sharp shooter buried two markers with the man advantage. It's never ideal deciding your season in a shootout but the Underdogs had no choice after dropping the opening game. M-A Haber made a brilliant move to keeping it alive and was asked upon for a second time only to be denied by R.Pampena. Then, with J.Scalia chosen to take the fourth and possibly last attempt, the crafty forward was able to end it on a fake back hand move.

(8)Job on Demand vs Smooth Sailors(3) Game 2

Job on Demand cool off Sailors after long week

One week after being humiliated, the Job on Demand responded with authority to level the series with the Smooth Sailors. They knew that in order to respond, a full 45 minute game was required, and that's exactly what they got-from every single player. However, this contest was extremely close in the first half with the game levelled at three goals apiece. But by sticking to their game plan, the Job on Demand kept playing with a little more deliberate tempo and style that caused their opponents problems. P.Nakhle was an absolute force playing solid defensive hockey while contributing up front with three goals and an assist. Pedram Assadi had taken some unjust criticism, but the net minder proved his critics wrong as he was stellar stopping 21 of 24 shots.

(2)Job on Demand vs Smooth Sailors(1) Game 3

Sailors dethroned by rival

The Job n Demand wouldn't let the Smooth Sailors push them around anymore, and captured something they couldn't get in last season's final, which was a series victory. By playing every shift with a purpose, the Job on Demand were clearly on a mission and it paid off thanks to an overall committed effort. G.Pisanelli tapped in a loose ball right before setting up Payam Assadi for a perfect one timer and a 2-0 lead. That goal left just over two minutes on the clock. And while it may seem like a comfortable cushion, this contest was still far-from over. The Smooth Sailors wasted no time responding when S.Liparota ripped a slap shot-from centre court. The Smooth Sailors pulled out all their stops in search of an equaliser. Marco Diaco riffled at least two to three slap shots-from his sweet spot that nearly found the back of the net. At one point, someone had hit the cross bar, a sound that Pedram Assadi will describe as opera when it was said and done. It's never an easy task to defeat the reigning champs but the Job on Demand felt they had it in them.

The SalumiVino player of the night goes to Pedram Assadi of the Job on Demand. In two crucial games, the net minder gave his team every chance possible to take the series. Assadi went well over two full periods of brilliant goaltending against a side that can score at will.

The D Thursday division is now down to its last two teams. The SBS Trashers will take on the Job on Demand for the big prize. While the SBS Trashers record is better, the Job on Demand are undoubtedly playing some of their finest hockey. This series will require everyone to step up. Expect your classic offense versus a defensive match up. The Job on Demand may have some deeper scoring up front but the SBS Trashers are disciplined in their own end with R.Pampena leading the charge in net. If Pedram Assadi repeats what he did tonight versus the Smooth Sailors, then they'll be fine, if not, look for the Trashers to pick up the hardware.

Season Divisions Winter 2019
Other News
Black Knights Division Winners

April. 22, 2019

Black Knights finish in first place in Premier division.

     Congratulations to the Black Knights who edge out GK to claim #1 seed in the Premier division.  The Black Knights will face either GK or River Rats in the Premier finals.



Ball Hockey Quebec

The Quebec Ball Hockey Association is rebranding!
Today we present our new logo with a new name: Ball Hockey Quebec

In this new logo, we see the famous orange ball representing the sport of ball/dek hockey. The province of Québec is represented by the fleur-de-lis, and its classic form was deconstructed by detaching a petal from the flower to resemble the shape of the ball. The three shapes are surrounded by a circle representing all 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 leagues and players under the banner.

Stay tuned for more information from the official governing body of ball hockey in Québec!

2019 National Mens B, C, D and Womens B Championships

The 2019 Men’s B - C - D , Women's B National Championships will be hosted by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA) and the Quebec Ball Hockey Association in Montreal, QC July 18-21, 2019. Please NOTE that teams need to be prepared to start at 8am on Thursday, July 18th.  Please plan to arrive Wednesday July 17th so you are ready to play.